E-kol-ogiskt! – Summary of biochar research project

biochar research

On the 20th and 21st of November 2019, Waila presented the results of the biochar research project E-kol-ogiskt! on Gotland. The audience included farmers, agricultural consultants, representatives of regional authorities in the fields of agriculture, water, climate and food as well as representatives of regional development organizations, a startup incubator and interested private individuals.

The audience followed the presentation of the results from the biochar research work with great attention and interesting questions. Of particular interest were the results on nitrogen storage and the application recommendations derived from the project results for the use of biochar for soil improvement and carbon sequestration in agriculture.

The summary of the project results can be downloaded here.

The data from the biochar field trial are currently being compiled and interpreted in a scientific manuscript with a higher degree of detail. Once the peer review process has been completed, a scientific article on the field trial will be available online (also via Waila´s homepage) and free of charge in 2020.


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