Solar Energy

The direct conversion of sunlight in electricity on your own roof is one of the most sustainable and economically attractive options for energy production.

Are you currently planning to install a solar system as a private person or entrepreneur? Then Waila can support you in your decision-making process with the standardized consulting package “Waila Sun”.

Our goal is to assist you as an independent consultant in selecting the optimal solar system. We take the following selection criteria into account:

  • the profitability of the investment,
  • the specific requirements of your building stock,
  • your energy consumption profile,
  • the ecological profile of the solar system.

Consulting package – Waila Sun

We provide you with independent advice during the planning and construction phase of your solar system:

  • Applying for state subsidies for the construction of solar systems in Sweden (Solcellbidrag)
  • Support in the planning of the solar system (including on-site appointment)
  • Consulting for the reduction of production losses
  • Support in the selection of the executing construction company
  • Advice on the selection of an electricity dealer for the sale of solar electricity

Our package prices for planned Solar system performances of:

< 10 kW: 4,500 SEK plus VAT
< 20 kW: 7,500 SEK plus VAT
> 20 kW: 14,500 SEK plus VAT

The costs for the planning of solar systems are eligible for 20 % of the national solar subsidies in Sweden (Solcellbidrag).

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