Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO) – Independent Validation results

Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO)

Are optimization measures for wind power plants, such as Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO), worth the money? And if so, how high is the effective power increase of the WTG after the optimization?

These are questions important to our customers, since the pricing for the optimization measurement is typically directly related to the success of the optimization.

We answer these question by providing independent validation calculations based on appropriate, python based validation methods which follow OEM standards.

Waila has recently validated the success of Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO) in 4 large windfarms with V-112 and V-126 wind turbines in Northern Europe for European wind turbine fleet operators.

Our results indicate that investments in this software based optimization method can be very lucrative (with an ROI near and above 40%). In case a profit sharing approach has been chosen for the software implementation, small deviations in the validation results have a huge impact on the payment obligations of the fleet operators.

We conclude that it is of great importance to have the PPO optimization method checked by an independent and knowledgeable consultant to assure the appropriateness of payments for the claimed optimization benefits.