E-kol-ogiskt! – Waila starts a Leader project

biokolfältförsök sparris sverige

The Leader project E-kol-ogiskt! has been started by WAILA AB and project partners from Gotland, Sweden and Germany this October.

The goal of the Leader project is to demonstrate the beneficial impacts of biochar-substrates on soil properties, water management and climate change on an agricultural farm on Gotland.  Thomas Stenhuse, owner of the farm Stenhuse Gård in Sanda, is providing a part of his asparagus crop area for the field trial.

The one year-long field trial is prepared, carried out and analyzed according to the state of the science. The trial is managed by an expert team around Daniel Fischer – biochar and compost-expert from Halle (Germany), Erik Karltun – research assistant at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), and Dr. agr. Sebastian Meyer – biochar expert and CEO of Waila AB.

The results of the field trial will be published in 2019. The project intends to answer some of the most frequent questions of farmers who consider applying biochar substrates on their soils:  What is the best-practice of using biochars on Gotland? Which biochar-substrate is optimal for my crops? Which impacts on crop yield, crop fertilization and water supply can be expected from biochar cultivation systems?

Waila is looking forward for the project realization with joy and curiosity. We are grateful for the opportunity to realize an applied biochar research project on Gotland and to make a sustainable contribution to climate change mitigation and the water management on the island.



Project partners of the Leader project E-kol-ogiskt!