Waila advises homeowners on the installation of solar systems

Since September 2019, a newly installed, 5.7 kW solar system is shimmering in the sunlight on the house and garage roof of a property in the south of the Swedish island of Gotland. The system covers the entire electricity demand of the house as well as the electricity demand for charging an electric car. The excess electricity covers a part of the warm water demand and heating demand of the house. The solar system has been optimised to minimise shadow related production losses. The solar power from both roofs is fed into a central inverter in order to miminize power generation costs.

Waila supported the homeowners with independent advice on the:

  • application for state subsidies to build solar systems in Sweden,
  • project planning for the system,
  • reduction of production losses,
  • selection of the construction company,
  • construction supervision and
  • selection of an electricity trader for the solar electricity.