Artificial intelligence at Hemse

Since June 2021, we are using artificial intelligence (machine learning with neural networks) to analyse optimization measures in existing international wind portfolios. This opens the possibility to simulate wind farm operation with and without optimization measures under the same wind conditions. Thus, three different, independent validation methods for wind energy optimization are now available to us.

We hope to use artificial intelligence in other areas of our business (for example, in the development of tailor-made biochar products for different crops) in the future.

This would not have been possible without Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. More than 88% of Waila’s employees and board members have a connection to Uppsala University as students or teachers.

Waila welcomes Mehdi Mohamadi from Iran and Jai Sai from India to the team and wishes them curiosity, perseverance, success and above all much joy for the tasks ahead!