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Waila is a word of Gothic origin which means “in a good manner”. This mirrors our desire to utilize our creative power to make a real contribution to environmental and nature protection.

In the same way our balanced company structure makes sure that Waila can offer all team members a meaningful, self-determined and pleasant work.

Waila unifies outstanding technical and ecological expertise. We offer innovative and premium-quality services to our clients at fair cooperation conditions. We take risks jointly with our clients if we trust in a business model.

Waila’s operations are already climate positive today. Our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions are less than zero: we only use climate positive and self-generated solar power for our office (including heating) and electric car. We also strive to keep our scope 3 emissions to a minimum: we avoid air travel and choose renewable fuel for unavoidable air travel. We prefer shipping companies that use renewable fuel. We overcompensate our remaining scope 3 emissions through carbon sequestration in  agriculture via our HimlaJord climate fund. Our climate goal is to maximize the net carbon sequestration from the atmosphere through our own operations.

Waila Aktiebolag is a Swedish non-public Stock Corporation based on Gotland.

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E-mail: info@waila.se
Phone: +46 (0)498-29 07 70
Address: Färgerigatan 12, 62350 Hemse, Sweden
Organisation number: 559144-6041

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Dr. Sebastian Meyer, CEO Dr. Meyer holds a diploma in industrial engineering with focus on Energy & Environmental Management from Flensburg University. He has been working in the renewable energy business with focus on wind energy and bioenergy for 15 years, and in the applied biochar research domain for 10 years. Sebastian earned a doctoral degree in agricultural science from Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg after doing his PhD about biochar systems. He contributes to the development of new wind energy study courses at Uppsala University.

If you really like your work, you have found the right job for you.

Anne Meyer, Deputy CEO
After doing an apprenticeship as a forester, Anne earned a diploma in landscape ecology and nature protection from Greifswald University. She worked for 9 years at various nature conservation agencies in Germany. The focus of her work was on the conservation of biodiversity in the cultural landscape. For the past 3 years, Anne has been working at Waila focusing on biochar production and application in agriculture and horticulture.

Human beings are part of nature – and nature is part of humans.

Carl Brundin, member of the supervisory board
is wind energy teacher at the Campus Gotland of the University of Uppsala. He has a master of science degree in energy engineering at the institute of applied Physics and Electronics of Umeå University . Prior to that, he studied ecology at Gotland University. That sharpened his understanding of the vulnerability of our ecosystems. Carl would like to contribute to social paradigm shifts to radically reduce the  displacement of natural systems. The decarbonization of the energy sector and the improvement of its land-use-effectivity are vital in this respect. For the reasons stated above, Carl is joining Waila on the travel to a better future.

Freedom offers the opportunity to change your feet before every single step you take.

Tore Wizelius, member of the supervisory board
Tore is a wind energy specialist. He developed the education program on wind energy project development offered by Gotland University, and wrote textbooks which also have been published in English, including: Windpower Projects – theory and practice (Routledge 2015) och Windpower Ownership in Sweden – business models and motives (Routledge 2014). He is currently running several Swedish wind energy companies.

If you do not just dream, but also realize your dreams, it is realy cool to live.

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If you want to be a part of our team, contact us via team@waila.se.

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