Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO) – Validation for one of the largest Vestas fleet operators in Europe

Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO)

Are optimization measures for wind power plants, such as Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO), worth the money? And if so, how high is the effective power increase of the WTG after the optimization?

These are questions important to our customers. We answer them by providing independent validation with site-specific Big Data software solutions. We carry out internal ex/post analyses on individual WTGs as well as power-to-power evaluations with neighboring wind turbines.

Prior to the analyses, the operating data of the WTGs is carefully reviewed and processed. Various factors and their influences on the optimization result, for example, air density fluctuations, wake flows of neighboring WTGs, changes in yaw offsets, and the anemometer transfer function are then taken into account.

With our manufacturer-independent validation of optimization measures, our customers receive a strong data analysis that shows the effectiveness of the investment and supports them in optimizing their entire wind farm portfolio.

One of the largest operators of Vestas fleets in Europe is convinced of our expertise and the quality of our validation. In October this year, Waila was commissioned to validate the yield effect of the software-based optimization measure Vestas Power Performance Optimisation (PPO) on Vestas V126 wind turbines in Finland.