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The WAILA AB business units are focused on climate change mitgation and nature conservation. Our range of services includes the optimization of renewable energy supply, the development of climate-positive agriculture and the conservation of the biodiversity of species and habitats.


Lokal aktors support the energy system transformation on Gotland

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The Swedish Government has appointed the Swedish Energy Agency to compile a feasibility study regarding the necessary actions to completely decarbonize Gotlands energy system. The transformation of Gotlands energy system is intended to serve…

E-kol-ogiskt! - Waila starts a Leader project

The Leader project E-kol-ogiskt! has been started by WAILA AB and project partners from Gotland, Sweden and Germany this October. The goal of the Leader project is to demonstrate the beneficial impacts of biochar-substrates on soil properties,…

On the road with renewable electricity

Waila AB  uses an electric car for business trips on Gotland since August. The Citroën C-Zero is charged with electricity from renewables.  

Coordination of the local construction supervision

In July 2018, WAILA AB has been contracted by a German Asset Management Company to control the local construction supervision of 2 wind farms on the mainland of Sweden with a total capacity of approx. 50 MW. Commissioning of the wind turbines…

Biochar for Gotland

The application of biochar (pyrolyzed biomass residues) in agriculture offers a multitude of benefits. This includes: an increase in the water storage capacity of agricultural soils, an increase in fertiliser use efficiency, a…

New technologies for bird protection & wind energy utilization

The installation of wind turbines on Gotland rose strongly within the last decades. In parallel to that, the amount of breeding white-tailed eagles and golden eagles on Gotland increased considerably. It is very probable that the utilization…

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